Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 9 Rest Day Lake Argyle 0 kms

Such a lovely spot! Everyone up early, even Mark, to enjoy the sunrise. Can't remember if I have ever taken a photo of a sunrise (written by Collis). Very pretty rising over the escarpments. All finished breakfast by about 7am. It is full on bright sunshine at 5.15 and I can't understand how the people in WA voted against daylight savings.
Many of the rider's are just doing their own thing today. The Durack Homestead was a popular place and this is where Kathy took Debra, Martin and Jacquie. I didn't go as I was misbehaving. A swim in the"Infinity Pool" improved my demeanor.
Kathy returned from the homestead, I said sorry for about the 74,000th time in my life and presented her with a cup of tea and all was-sweet!! The day was finished off with a roast meal and rice pudding,which I have not had in a very long time and it was pretty good too.
 Oh and I raised about $200 for the charity.

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