Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 16 Larrawa Station to Fitzroy River 151 kms

What a delightful place to stay. We all managed to get some lovely sunset pictures and some sunrises as well. Both were just perfect.
Everyone was taking their time leaving today as they had all enjoyed the surroundings and the hosts. Ben has mislaid his wallet this morning and he has gone off looking for it on the road into the station. I reckon it will be found when he unpacks this afternoon.
We had morning tea at a lovely lookout which was pretty busy with caravaners stopping for their morning tea. One lady fell a short distance down the cliff face and I thought I would have to do a bit of a nursing shift but no bones appeared broken and she wasn't keen having some stranger look at her knee abrasion. The view was spectacular.
Lunch was on the side of the road and to get to the spot, Collis nearly killed me as the slope down to the flat area was really steep and I was hanging onto the dash board for grim death. We made it down safely but I wasn't sure how we were going to get out later on. I walked the area to work out the best way out.
The riders are struggling today. This is the first day in a long while that they had a side wind with some head wind periods as well. The road surface is not the best according to Mark. It's been a long day but a nice spot at the end of the journey.
Martin blew his tyre and tube so Collis had to go back out and pick him and Deb up just 30 kms out. They were glad to get in. The camping area is lovely here but the staff are a bit heavy handed, threatening to send us away if we didn't hurry up and pay the bill before all of us were even in the park. Most of us went to the restaurant for dinner as they had a Sunday special of a 3 course roast in a lovely restaurant with white tablecloths and waitress service. We were feeling out of practice eating in such style.

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