Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 2 Adelaide River to Emerald Springs 94 kms

Shocking nights sleep due to all sorts of reasons with the main reason being the aftermath of the races. The police presence this morning is quite obvious in the Main Street with lots of cars pulled over and it looks like they have been confiscated or held because there was no-one to drive them home. Lots of young people wandering around in a daze or still rolling with a can of something in their hands. Young girl in the camp site next to ours was dead to the world, still in her party dress from the day before. The Adelaide Cup seems as if it is a big go around these parts and best to be avoided if we ever do this ride again.
All riders were up bright and early this morning including Joan; who I think may have been the first up today as she definitely did not want to sleep in again this morning. We really didn't keep our voices or noise down as most of the other campers had still not gone to bed as yet. All riders had left camp by 7.30 am and this included Mark. Martin & Debra and Joan were some of the first to leave as they are still finding their legs and their fitness levels in the group.
It looks like it may be a tough ride today even though it will be a beautiful road to ride. Quite a few of the riders went in to Robins Falls for a look and a couple had a swim there as well. Jan fell off her bike on the way out when she skidded into some gravel. Lucky Chris was there to help her out with cleaning the grazes. Woody had 2 more punctures today. He got a new tyre the other day but thought it was all clear until he found a small wire sticking out after the second puncture. Then we were all sitting around at morning tea when there was a very loud bang (sounded like a gunshot) and turned out Annies' back wheel had blown- huge hole in the tyre which actually blew a quarter of the tyre off the wheel. Took about 8 people to change the tyre.
No lunch stop today although most of the riders stopped at Hayes Creek for a drink and a bite to eat. All riders were in by 3.30 today and it had turned out to be a really tough day. They had head winds for most of the day and lots of hills to climb with a high "jump up" before morning tea. The new riders have done really well to finish the day without any complaints.
Collis & I had decided to take a donger tonight as they are really well priced, lovely and clean and have an ensuite attached. The owners are just lovely people who can't do enough for you. They asked us if they could take a photo of our group to put it on their face book site. Most riders agreed to participate.
It is Melanie's 40th birthday tomorrow so Collis & I decided to shout her an upgrade tonight so that she will be refreshed and ready to go tomorrow. She struggled a bit today after morning tea so we thought this may help her get through a day which may end up pretty tough as well. Dinner in the roadhouse tonight after the briefing. The food here is fantastic and reasonably priced. Early to bed tonight after the shocker last night, I hope I don't scratch all night again. Big day tomorrow; I was going to ride but have heard that there may be strong head winds and a longer distance so I think I will stick to the car (sorry Mel).

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