Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 4 Katherine Rest Day 0 kms

Up early this morning with a bit of a hangover from all the celebrations last night for Melanie's 40 th birthday. I think it was probably due to the mixing of the beer, champagne and wine. It was a really good night last night. The food was good and the drink was a real release (didn't realise just how stressful things can get in a matter of just days) and the company was fantastic. Most of the riders joined us at some stage (although some just won't join in). Someone kept saying it was an ugly birthday cake but it went with the princess theme and the cake was pretty moist. What can you do in the outback- not much choice.
The girls and I are off to Katherine Gorge this morning after we have a McDonalds breakfast. Left camp around 7 am - so much for a sleep in. We arrived at the Gorge with a half hour to go before the 9 am cruise and we were lucky enough to get the last 3 tickets for the 2 hour cruise. Jacquei doesn't like crowds or tours very much so she gave up her ticket. Fortunately 15 people did not turn up for the cruise so Jacquei was able to get on after all. She is glad she did in the end and as the cruise was 15 short so the crowds didn't worry her.
Peter, John, Jan and Ellen arrived just after us and they had to take the 4 hour tour- turns out it was worth the extra expense as you got a much more thorough tour.  Maybe the 2 hour, 2 gorge cruise was a bit short as those 2 hours just flew. Right at the end we got to see a couple of fresh water crocodiles. The tour guide was excellent.
Katherine doesn't have many eating places so when we got back into town we struggled to find somewhere half decent for lunch. Jacquei and I ate wraps at the coffee club and Annie & Melanie ate at Red Rooster.
While we were shopping at Woolworth's we ran into Collis' cousin Ray Ivey and his wife Chris. They are traveling around Oz for 12 months and are on their way to Darwin. Did the big shop today for our first bush camp on this leg, it isn't for a few days so it will have to be vegetarian.
I got back to Manbulloh caravan park and organized to take a few people down to the hot springs and again it was the usual ones who were wanting to join me. It was lovely but we only had a short period as Collis had organized another whip cracking competition for 5 pm.
When we got back Collis was sitting up in camp chatting with his cousin. Such a small world. The whip cracking was pretty good but not a huge response from some of the riders but some of the other campers got involved and we had a hard time picking a winner as 3 of them were quite expert at it. We were given a few lessons and Peter J picked it up quickly. I think I just got worse at it.
Dinner in camp tonight although I wasn't all that hungry after 2 biggish meals throughout the day.

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