Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 19 Bush Camp to Willare Bridge 105 kms

Collis was up wandering around camp at 3 am today with the fire going and the water on the boil. This made it a bit hard for me to get back to sleep so I'm just a little tired again. 2nd to last day of riding this leg and I am ready for a small break in Broome.
The next leg has much fewer riders so it should be quite pleasant with the opportunity to ride with them most days.
Still lots of boab trees with good favourable winds for most of the day. The weather has turned slightly with cool weather today and I was looking for some long sleeves at morning tea time. Morning tea was at 50 kms on the side of the road and no-one hung around for long today as they are always keen to get to their days destination after a bush camp.
Willare Bridge is a pleasant surprise as I had imagined it to be just your everyday roadhouse in the outback but it's a hive of activity and the facilities are quite good with nice green grass to camp on. Whistling kites and wedge tail eagles in abundance and little wallabies hopping around the camp ground in broad daylight.

It's Mark's birthday today so we are taking him out for dinner tonight to celebrate. It's a bit hard to get a cake organized.

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