Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 10 Lake Argyle to Kununurra 70 kms

Short day today and most decided to have a leisurely morning riding out of camp. Chris left early as she had a flight booked over the Bungle Bungles and needed to be in at Kununurra at a certain time. Jacquei left early as well as she wanted to take diversions off to do some photography. The road out of Lake Argyle is undulating and a couple of the riders had decided that it would be a tough 35 km ride due to hills and winds but they were pleasantly surprised and all thoroughly enjoyed the ride. It was a different story when they turned back onto the main road as the scenery became much of a muchness (boring or not as stunning as we were used to).
We are staying at a nice caravan park on the lagoon at Kununurra. We had to negotiate with the managers for an idealic camp site as they tried to place us near the main road. Collis did well and we are right next to the lagoon. A few including us upgraded into cabins right next to the camp area.

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